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OneClickdigital Apple App

The OneClickdigital app for Apple devices allows you to download and play audiobooks directly on your device, no transfer from computer is necessary.  The app takes care of all audiobook file format issues, so you do not need to consider whether the book is in MP3 or WMA format before checking it out.  

Compatible: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch with iOS 4.0 and newer.   
Current Version: 1.1, released May 30, 2012

Getting Started

  1. Install the OneClickdigital app onto your device.  Two ways to find it:
    • Open the App Store app on your device.  Search for "oneclickdigital."
    • Visit this OneClickdigital iTunes Preview page, which will instigate the device to search for the app.
    • When you have found the OneClickdigital app, install it.  The app is free.
  2. On your device, find and open the OneClickdigital app.  It will look like the image at right.Oneclick apple app icon
  3. Select your region as North America to proceed.  Note: if you do not find this step, or do not select our region the app will not work.  If it is missing, close and reopen the app.  Sometimes a reinstall is necessary.  If you did not select North America, this will fail and lock your username to the wrong region.  Contact if this has happened to you.
  4. Log in to the app with your OneClickdigital username and password.  You may choose to have the app remember your login information. 




After logging in, the My Titles screen is shown.  If you already have books checked out on your account, they will  be listed here.  This cropped screenshot shows an account with two books checked out.  

oneclick apple app my titles screen

Detailed book information may be accessed by tapping the cover art, title, or summary of a book.  This page will show a full book summary and the exact expiration date of your checkout.  From this page, tap the My Titles button on the top left to return to the previous screen.   

Browse More Titles brings up the OneClickdigital website through the app, so you may browse books or access your account information.  At this time, OneClick does not have a mobile version of their website, so some users may be more comfortable using the OneClick website on their computers or on the regular Safari browser than through the app interface.

Check Out a Book

Currently, this is the same as checking out a book on the computer, as the Browse More Titles connects to the regular OneClick website.  A mobile version of the website is in development. 

Tips on checking out through the mobile app's Browse More Titles:

  • Just want something to read right now?  Advanced Search has a "Available for Checkout" selection (right column, bottom).  Run a search with only this changed to see all titles that you can check out now.
  • Have a lot of results from your search?  Use the "Sort By" feature above the "Search Selection" column to sort the results by release date, author, or narrator instead of title.  You will get a different batch of results on the first page of each, and you may find something you wish to checkout without paging through the results.

Refresh the App:

Just checked out a book, and it is not showing in the "My Titles" screen of the app?  Refresh the app by:

  • Dragging down on the "My Titles" screen and holding.
  • A black arrow will appear at the top of the books list with the message "Release to Refresh." 
  • When you let go, the app will process any changes you have made (such as a new checkout). 



Download & Play a Book

If you have moved to another screen of the app, return to the My Titles screen.  Your checked out books will be shown.  Tap the play button for the book you wish to play (outlined in green).

oneclick apple app play title

The book will open, and begin downloading the first part of the book, which on most is the introduction.  On this cropped image, note the download indicators "Loading Book" at the top red section, and the "Downloading Introduction" progress bar.  This screenshot was taken just as the book was opened, so no progress is shown yet.   

oneclick apple app downloading title

Once the first part of the book downloads, the book will begin to play.  All other parts will download as it plays.   Note that the top red bar contains two buttons:

  • return to My Titles.

  • open book button--this is the book's table of contents.  You will be able to skip forward or back by several chapters if necessary.  Any bookmarks you create can also be retrieved from here. 

Below the cover art of the book are the control options.  There are the regular playback buttons (skip back, pause, etc), but also two additional buttons:

  • Plus button--bookmarking feature.

  • button--brings up the book's details (full summary, expiration date).

oneclick apple app title playing

Leaving the wifi range?

All parts of the book must be downloaded before leaving the range of the wifi connection.  If it is not, the book will stop playing and the app will display a connection error once it gets to the end of the currently downloaded parts. To be sure that all parts have downloaded before leaving the wifi area, tap the open book icon in the upper right corner as the book downloads/plays.

oneclick apple app downloading title

This will show all of the parts of the book.  Downloaded chapters will be in bold black, chapters not downloaded will be gray.  When all chapters have downloaded, the device can be out of range or disconnected from the wifi connection and play the entire book without interruption. 

oneclick apple app chapters screen


Location & Hours

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